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Went to buy a washing machine only one left was the display. Asked if i could buy it for full price! Manager told me in a very rude way that the display was worth more to then if they keep it than sale it? Dont know how you can stay in business that way but dont worry big sandy will never get any of my money! Add comment

My boyfriend bought me a living room suit for are new house as part of my Christmas present it was delivered a day before Christmas, then 2 and a half weeks later are home was broken into and vandelised and are furniture was ruined so I go back to big sandy and not only where we promised with an extended warranty but we also purchased insurance on the furniture and now big sandy won't replace any of it and the guy told me bluntly and rude that we where to pay for the couches or he would ruin are credit! They are beyond awful and I will never... Read more

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I purchased a 55 inch tv from big sandy and had it 2 months and it went completely black and they have a 7 day return policy .please dont ever buy anything from them they are a rip off and i will never step foot in there again . Now i have to wait on a part to come in .and all i wanted was another tv and i have my receipt. I am so disappointed in them . But i should not have went there in the beginning . Read more

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After a year and 2 months this is what my couch is. They have come twice and sewed this area as well as 5 other areas on my sectional. Now that my year warranty is up it will be up to me to pay out of pocket to replace this. Also the frame (piece of wood broke in half) then poked through the back of the couch. They rigged this up and was told by the repair guy thankfully it was on the area against the wall. Well let's hope I never have to move the sectional. I called the manager out South Ridge as well as the President in Ohio. No luck. I was... Read more

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I wish I could give them a negative star!!! Worst furniture I've ever purchased. They are very poor with customer service once the item is purchased. After having my couch (which I paid 2,000) has been sewed 2 separate occasions as well as the wood has busted through the back. They refuse to replace after 6 months. HORRIBLE. Don't buy from them. Add comment

Selected a living room suite for the color. But when they delivered it, it was a different color. They said it was the same color until I took a piece of it in a put it on the one that I had picked. Still they wof not make it good, will never buy from them again. Add comment

Big Sandy Furniture - Big Sandys Blended Leather is JUNK ! Dont but it ! and they wont do anything to help you !
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In 2010 we went to Big Sandy looking for a leather sofa. The sales lady convinced us that their blended leather was so much better than leather, and we believed her. We spent $2800.00 that we did not have on this couch. We purchased an extended 3 year warranty on the fabric also , and on the fourth year it began peeling like crazy and not in the normal wear areas ! This couch is just horrible , and now we are stuck with it ! Big Sandy says they cannot do anything about it ! They screwed us bad , and now we are $2800.00 in the hole and stuck... Read more

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There furniture is junk will never buy from them again Add comment

Furniture is junk!! I will never purchase from you again. Everyone I know will know what kind of junk you sell Add comment

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Big Sandy Furniture - Review about Couch from South Charleston, West Virginia
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Horrible horrible furniture and staff as well as the manager at South Ridge Store. I will never step foot in their door again and EVERYONE I know will know the problems I've had with them. Less than a year old couch and my frame has broke. The seam from my couch has ripped. They have came twice to fix it and now that my warranty is up they have said sorry. It will now come out of your pocket. The couch was poorly made. So my question is WHY ARE YOU SELLING FURNITURE THAT IS WORTHLESS ?!?! Paying 1,700 for a worthless piece of ***!!!! You guys... Read more

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